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5 Questions You NEED To Ask Before Buying A Home

Marla Portra

Marla grew up in upstate New York before relocating to Missouri in 2006...

Marla grew up in upstate New York before relocating to Missouri in 2006...

Aug 31 3 minutes read

Our top 5 questions that all buyers should ask before they sign on the dotted line!

1) What's the history of the home?

It's important to consider how long the home has been on the market, and if it's had a price reduction yet. These factors can play a role in not only your offer price but in the potential resale value of the home in the future. Carefully reviewing the Seller's Property Disclosure will reveal many facts about the home. Your buyer's agent plays a crucial role in helping you discover the "health" of the home and ensures that nothing will be overlooked.

2) How old are the mechanicals?

An older home may also have an older HVAC system and/or hot water heater. Replacing major systems can be a huge (and often unexpected) expense. Having a home warranty in place can help ease some of the anxiety, as will having a trusted home inspector perform a thorough check of the house. 

3) How old is the roof?

We know all too well that Missouri's sometimes unpredictable weather can wreak havoc! Has there been a major storm since the roof was last replaced? Your inspector will check that the roof is in good condition. If anything needs further investigation, a qualified roofer should be called upon for a second opinion. A damaged roof can affect the insurability of your home, so it's very important that it's in excellent condition. 

4) What are the costs of owning this home?

Many buyers feel comfortable paying their monthly mortgage payment that includes principal, interest, insurance and taxes, yet don't factor in the other associated costs. It's important to review past utility statements, as well as know if there is a home owner's association (HOA) in place and what those fees will be. Regular maintenance and periodic cosmetic updating are also necessary expenses.

5) Have you (the buyer!) done your homework?

The state of Missouri dictates that Realtors cannot disclose certain information. Each person has a different opinion of what is comfortable, acceptable, desirable or "safe". It's up to the buyer to determine this. We offer a Buyer's Notice Regarding Public Information form to our buyers. This outlines some of the factors that a buyer should consider, such as nearby pollutants, future development plans, crime, etc. It's also important to carefully review the Covenants and Restrictions of a property. Some neighborhoods implement guidelines for things like play sets, fences, lawn sheds, mailboxes, etc. 

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